Tenet ★★★★★

(2020 ranking)
(Christopher Nolan ranking)

I was blind but now I see. Well, more deaf but now I hear.

The first time I saw this in IMAX it blew me away but there was some serious sound issues that prevented me from hearing important dialogue. To be honest, it did not detract away from my experience, but having watched this again in a different cinema (not IMAX) the sound mixing was far better and speech was intelligible.

Although I didn't particularly struggle upon first viewing, I found it far easier to follow this time around, and it was amazing to see so many things hidden in plain sight that obviously had gone unnoticed the first time too.

The pacing in this is crazy, jumping from one scene to the next without being able to catch your breath. 'Well try to keep up' as The Protagonist says couldn't be more accurate. But you're never bored, eyes always glued to the screen on the edge of your seat.

As I said in my previous review there are so many incredible scenes in this movie, all of them more impressive than the one previous.

Big shout out to composer Ludwig Göransson for an amazing score too by the way. The signature Nolan BRRRRRs in the plane scene were particularly satisfying.

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