TL;DR: I'm not rating this movie, as interviews with the film maker lead me to believe it may have exploited one of the actors. But also, it was a 2.5 - 3 star movie anyways.

Full review

Let me start by saying that after the movie, I looked up an interview with the film maker because I had some ethical concerns about the way this was filmed, particularly in regards to the grandmother. Having read his account of how this movie came to be, I'm very uncomfortable recommending it to others, as it seems to me he exploited a vulnerable individual who may not have been able to give informed consent. That's my opinion, you're welcomed to have your own. I encourage you to read the Flickering Myth or Modern Horrors interviews and form your own opinion on if this is a movie you want to support. If I'd done that first, I would not have rented it.

That said, here's my feelings on the movie itself:

Very pretty, very atmospheric, decently creepy, but also very confusing. There's truly a shocking amount of telling rather than showing for a movie with so little dialogue, and the mumbling actors make even that hard to follow. There was the bones of an interesting story here, but too much time is spent on creepy atmosphere and not enough in telling us who these people are, what they want, and why we should care what happens to them.