The Gay Divorcee

The Gay Divorcee ★★★

Was very frustrated at first because I was trying to watch Follow the Fleet but its just not online. Anyway I watched this whilst tidying my room so i think I missed a few major plot points but what a lovely film. The farcical mix up was funny and ridiculous is the best way and I loved how naughty the jokes where. These pre code films are genuinely sexy and ginger rogers character had a lot of agency. There is something to be said for the hays code forcing writers to create roles for women that didn't receive around sex (i can't remember who said that the end of the code forced women back into the bedroom but its a fascinating discussion to have) but in these early films the women tend to be a lot more in control of their sexuality and desires then the men. This is getting very rambling but also the dancing is just fucking swoon-worthy. Even the scenes that go on a ridiculous amount of time, there is something sp joyful about watching these two together.