Orpheus ★★★★★

I've started about five sentences to try and describe how I feel about this film. It is a dreamscape, slightly off kilter with the real world. Even location shots on the streets of Paris hold oddness. It mad eme think of so many things, some obvious (A Matter of Life and Death, Wings of Desire, films about love and death and sadness and longing) some more abstract (Little Nemo in Slumberland, Joseph Cornell's boxes, worlds in miniature). I will forever love Cocteau's insistence that the audience must enter his worlds with their imagination open, his rejection of the idea that a film should do all the work. You have to meet him half way and take the journey together which makes it all the more rewarding when you get to the end. You know when a film is only 90 minutes but it feels like hours and that is a good thing??

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