Cruising ★★★★

So there's one scene in Crysing that is really sticking in my mind. Suprising it is not the fitting scene, but the one where Pacino, having spent the majority of the movie on the sidelines of the leather scene, follows a man who has cruised him off camera. Cut to black. For a film that is so upfront with the graphic visuals of the scene it is portraying, it holds back on divulging pretty much anything that is going through the protagonists mind, allowing the audience to infer the plot within a plot that has become the accepted reading of the movie. When I first got into queer cinema, Cruising was both laughable and offensive and its only recently that I've been reading persuasive reclamations from the queer community. From a 2021 perspective its easy to read cruising as a subversive, even fun, peice of queer genre cinema. But its also hard to ignore the real life consequences the film had on the community.

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