Detachment ★★★½

tony kaye really loves his utter hopelessness and despair huh

this movie is possibly essential viewing, not only for its emotional upheaval of complete depression which in extension feels like a catharsis, but it is boldly sticking to its guns with many sequences of what many people will think is pretentious monologues. detachment is far from the title, it is intrinsically attached to the desperation of the working class with all of its anger, frustration, anxiety. the performances across the board are fantastic, with its sporadic wit and often cumbersome fury. the special moments are the quiet defeats.

however tony kaye never gives up a moment to shoehorn a touching yet manipulative score, one dimensional sequences to support the movies shallow themes and a few cliches to boot.  

still an important movie for the 2010s, this is a hard long look at america’s biggest open wound.