Anomalisa ★★★★½

don't rely on the world to give you everything you want

kaufman is profoundly lyrical about his loneliness, we have seen his psyche bleed into memories in "eternal sunshine", his identity stain "synecdoche" and in anomalisa, his loneliness is the product of wanting too much from everything. life is corporate, clean and mundane despite the warm inviting tones of smiles and wooden hotel room decor, romance is fleeting despite his dedication to affairs, intertwined with his guilt and the burden of his dispassionate outlook on relationships.
this movie is ineffably created and uniquely so, this is a great case of how only animation is appropriate for realising the true potential of certain themes. there is something uncomfortable, dystopian and relatable about the design and movement of these characters, believably brought to life through a keen eye for detail.
kaufman continues to prove, along with duke johnson, that they are brave story tellers in modern cinema, approaching the hardest pills to swallow with just enough sugar coating to inspire.