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This review may contain spoilers.

This is never fully going to click with me. 

Spoiler Notes
Some of the issues I had with the plot are kinda acceptable when paying full attention during rewatch, the time travel stuff kinda made it clear this was no reset, but instead a way to bring back those who had been taken but that will have consequences because the world has moved on in the five years since that happened. This film doesn’t go there but that means people would have started new relationships, people would have died in the intervening time, people are five years out of sync in age, etc, etc. All of this has to have consequences, but the Avengers did the best they could having lost the big battle in Infinity War. They’re kinda playing god, but I guess they feel it’s justified. And at least Infinity War isn’t completely undermined. Also, the selfish act of Captain America maybe works better when you see that Agent Carter has a picture of Steve Rogers on her desk in 1970, suggesting she’s never forgotten and never moved on. I dunno, I thought she married someone else, after watching Winter Soldier but if that’s not the case then maybe this retro-future is acceptable. I do still query his decision to sit out things like the Vietnam War because he’s “retired”. I still would have preferred the plot to have removed his powers. 

I also don’t get why they can’t bring back Natasha in the same way that Gamora is back?? Get a younger version. 

The reason I can’t give this a high rating is it feels quite disappointing. It does have its moments, like with Natasha and Hawkeye fighting over who gets to make the ultimate self-sacrifice. Everything with Thor is magnificent. He’s this franchise’s MVP, without a doubt. And some of the editing in the way Thanos gets back to a point where he again has the bejewelled gauntlet is quite exciting, coz it’s like wow(!) you messed it up again. How will they get out of this..!? But a lot of the Big Moments leading there fell flat. The point where all the dusted ones return was one of the most disappointing moments in cinematic history, I don’t think it could have been less impactful. The movie wastes too much time with characters I don’t care about like Ant-Man. And Deus Ex Captain Marvella is not doing your story any favours. 

I watched this with my sister who missed it at the cinema. During the Final Battle she said that Captain Marvel better not show up. Less than two minutes later Captain Marvel showed up. Rocket is shouting “yeah!” and my sister is shouting “noo!”. Like she has no respect for the way that character is written with her variable state of untold powers to get them out of any jam. They really f*cked that character up if even my sis is complaining. She also has no time for Iron Man or Gwyneth Paltrow. She did notice when all the women teamed up to transport the glove, something I missed when watching it first time (either because too busy rolling my eyes at Captain Marvel showing up with untold powers, or more likely because I was still processing the cool explosion she caused when flying through Thanos’s ship). My sis says the best line was when past-Gamora found out she was dating (that idiot) Quill and her sister says it was “either that or a tree”. The Sis gave the movie a 6.5 out of 10. We watched first hour last night, and rest today. Personally I think having a break in between benefits the movie. 

The cheeseburgers talk is still the emotional heart of the movie for me, especially as it’s Favreau, a guy who knows a thing or two about his food.

Audis in this are still the best Audis. I’m imagining the CEO was dusted 5 years ago and the new CEO went wild with the designs. And now the Avengers have brought back the old CEO. It’s like when Joe Montana got injured, and Steve Young filled in. And then Montana came back... So.Many.Consequences. 

I’ve just re-read my old review to see if it provokes any other thoughts on this rewatch:
- one thing I liked from end battle was (gi)Ant-Man punching one of those lifelike spaceships (the ones from the Avengers Assemble portal).
- still not sure how Iron Man pulls the Infinity Stone switcheroo, but it’s more clear this time that the glove is made with Stark technology, an Iron Man fist, so something to do with that, which is reasonable I guess. Curious to know what Iron Man thought before his snap, did he think “dust all the baddies”, coz how did Gamora survive his snap..?
- Awkward Spider-Man giving Captain Marvel the glove and saying I dunno how you’ll get through all that, right after she blasted through Thanos’s ship. Helloo McFly.. anyone home!? They are no match for her. Maybe writers missed that too, coz this is where the female led gang all pipe up and say don’t worry she has help. It’s lame. Coz that character doesn’t need it. You ruined it. 
- I thought Black Widow wouldn’t get her own standalone movie, not just coz she was killed off but because they all signed their names at the end, which gives a sense of finality. I assume the planned movie will be more of an origin story.. dunno if I’ll bother going to cinema for that.  

Sound glitches: 10+ 😠

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