• Chungking Express

    Chungking Express


    That was the closest we ever got — just 0.01 cm between us. Fifty seven hours later, I fell in love with this woman.

    A lyrical look at four lovesick characters trying to mend their broken hearts, find love, and make sense of things in the big city.

  • Escape from Mogadishu

    Escape from Mogadishu


    A boring and generic political action-thriller.

    Are you telling me that this is South Korea's 2022 Oscars submission for International Feature Film? Ok. Whatever floats their boat.

  • Bloody Crayons

    Bloody Crayons


    nabasa ko na yung book nito sa wattpad nung nasa junior high pa ako and I remember ongoing pa yung status niya and hindi pa masyadong kasikatan. di ko lng tinapos for some reason I can't remember haha

    anyway, this was really fun! I mean, it's so bad, it's good. also, bat lima yung credited writers nito? seryoso? hahaha ang pangit talaga ng script at mga linyahan nila. puro cringe. tapos ang tagal pa ng patayan kasi yung first hour…

  • Titane



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    It's like watching two different movies.

    The first act is a strange, violent, cold, and erotic story about a serial killer who is sexually attracted to automobiles; while the second act is surprisingly tender and dramatic with greater emphasis on its family, grief, gender, and identity themes, though never losing its initial weirdness.

    It's bold and ambitious. It's disturbing but kinda wholesome.

  • Sleepless



    ako lng ba o ang bland talaga ng dialogue nila zZzZz I mean, interesting naman yung choice of topics but yung pagkasulat lng parang ano haha para akong inaantok sa pinagsasabi nila.

    tbh mas prefer ko yung portrayal ng "insomnia at loneliness in the big city while falling in love with someone in this capitalist society" sa sid & aya (2018) kasi mas dama ko yun. dito parang wala eh haha di man lng inexplore masyado. oh and just like prime…

  • Raw



    A brilliant body horror and a coming-of-age story in one.

    For a film that features cannibalism, there are only two scenes here that actually made me squirmed:
    1) the one where the older sister waxes of her lil sister's pubes and then it got stuck
    2) that eyeball lick

  • Here Comes the Bride

    Here Comes the Bride


    A surprisingly funny entry from Star Cinema! A body-swap comedy between, not just two, but five people! The film's got a comically talented ensemble but the real MVP here is Angelica Panganiban as John Lapus! Some subplots needed to be fleshed out more BUT who cares as long as the comedy fully delivers.

  • Endo



    this hits hard. deeply resonant. "falling in love in a capitalist society" is now one of my favorite genres. any recs?

  • I'm Your Man

    I'm Your Man


    A love story between a human and an AI humanoid? Nothing new here but Maria Schrader's take on the concept was beautifully thoughtful and honest.

    This is actually not a love story. It's more like a character study on our protagonist's loneliness and her longing for happiness. Her final monologue strucked me the most.

    Also, Dan Stevens fluently speaking German in an English accent? We love to hear it.

  • Oxygen



    The concept sounds exciting but the actual movie's really not.

    As a one-woman show, it's excellent. As a claustrophobic sci-fi mystery-thriller, it's underwhelming.

  • There's Someone Inside Your House

    There's Someone Inside Your House


    • diverse cast
    • a killer wearing a mask of their next victim's face
    • violent

    • terrible title lol
    • flat side characters
    • the killer reveal
    • pretty much everything, actually!

  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills


    a confusing mess. this sequel just gets worse and worse as it goes on. is michael immortal now? also, i really couldn't stand how too much of a conservative this franchise is lol (I've only seen the original film, the 2018 continuation, and this sequel tho so yea)

    ... and wtf was that psycho homage at the end? that was so funny!