Film Genre Challenge for January: Documentary #8

• If you really want to know what it must feels like to be working as a fisherman on a boat or even a fish (yes, a fish) in the middle of a deep, angry, cold, and gloomy ocean for an hour and a half, then look no further. A documentary film mostly shot in GoPro cameras, Leviathan, a harrowing take on the commercial fishing industry, has the power to immerse you in the lives of those in the boat by having these cameras strapped onto the fishermen and yes, even the fish themselves. What a hauntingly beautiful and intensely overwhelming sensory experience.

• No dialogue, no musical score, no storyline, no commentary, nothing. Just angry ocean vibes through and through. From its uniquely terrifying visuals to its loud and orgasmic ambient sound design, it was just perfect; claustrophobic yet calming in a way. It's almost hallucinatory.

• But if we're going to look for some theme or point here, then it's definitely the concept of man vs. nature. But really, if you want your documentaries to be informative, then this was not it. Leviathan is mostly experimental.

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