Friends: The Reunion

Friends: The Reunion ★★½


Creator of Friends: No, this is 'Friends.' People have been waiting 10 years to see this couple get together. We've got to give them what they want.
Creator of HIMYM: Nah, fuck them!
I haven't watched Friends for five years now (not a fan but I really enjoyed it) and admittedly, I'm one of those people who would sometimes label this show as "overrated" just to mess with the fans. But not gonna lie, the nostalgia trip of this special reunion episode still slaps, albeit underwhelming.

• It's nice to see all the six actors getting back together and reminiscing the fun times they've had while filming the classic sitcom.
• The creators and their talking heads.
• The table read, especially the "ross and rachel first kissing scene".
• Lisa Kudrow saying that the finale was already perfect and having a movie or a special episode where their story continues would just diminish that.

• The interviews of the fans from all around the globe, talking about how the show means to them. Too awkward, sorry. I don't fucking care.
• This reunion special just completely ignored some heavy stories that could've made this more interesting, like Matthew Perry and his mental health during and after the making of the show, for example. He looks so sad and uninterested to be part of this reunion. Well, I guess the producers just don't want this special to be depressing.
• Are you saying that they gave the irrelevant guest stars too much exposure while they only gave brief appearances to the other actors who were originally part of the original show such as Maggie Wheeler, Tom Selleck, Gunther, and Rachel's parents? What the hell was that?
• James fucking Corden.
• Where the hell is Paul Rudd? Christina Applegate? Bruce Willis? Or any other actors who guest-starred in the show?
• The fashion show. I found it too awkward. (except for the Matt LeBlanc part, of course)
• Lady Gaga interruping Phoebe's Smelly Cat number. Not cool.
• Too much cringey moments.

Again, this was nice but also very, very underwhelming. But hey, at least the fans got something what they want, right?

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