Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★


I think the first thing that I want to point out is that there are no good guys in this film. I really think that this comes down to personal taste if that is your kind of movie or not.
The second thing is the way that the men in this movie are portrayed may seem exaggerated but I have to say rightly so. There are so many microaggressions that people, mainly men, demonstrate in this film and in real life. Many of the things that the men in the movie have said and the way that they acted many other women, including myself have experienced first hand. It has gotten to the point where people need to make movies like this to emphasize how real these issues are. Sometimes subtlety is not the answer and this film is a perfect example of that.
I can honestly say I enjoyed this. It was fun and something new. It holds an unrelenting confidence in the story being told. This film may not be the cleanest, it certainly has its sloppy aspects, mainly in its execution. But overall the story made up for any flaws I found.

and god i fuckin love bo burnham

(This was really fun in theaters)
(I didn't proof read this pls bear with me I'm so tired)

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