Hotel Monterey

Hotel Monterey ★★★½

Chantal Akerman filmed the Hotel Monterey in New York, the film consists of a series of long, mostly static shots on different places of the hotel. We start at the entrance, the hall, the ground and finishes outside, on the roof, the sky and view on the surroundings, from a closed space to an open space.
The film has no sound at all, so it's just images (the camera), all very well and precisely composed and framed, with linear lines and vanishing points. Images of the hall entrance with people, then inside of the lifts with people, empty rooms, then with one person, but further the film goes on, less people appear, then we roam in empty, long corridors hardly lid... Sometimes, and especially the shots in the corridors made me think of a record of a surveillance camera (the absence of sound and the omnipresence of the camera underline the feeling), a camera that explores a space.

film #9 - December Challenge list