The Turning

The Turning

Had to support Brooklynn Prince on opening weekend! (And Brooklynn is great of course)

Overall, I think the big problem with the film is the script. There were script issues that required some reshoots and I guess the studio simply couldn't figure out how to save it. But besides that, the performances are very good and Floria Sigismondi has a strong command of the visuals.

And quite honestly, I was satisfied with just watching Mackenzie Davis for 90 minutes. DP David Ungaro lights her wonderfully and she becomes hypnotic... very much like the genre starlets of yesteryear. If you think about the Italian giallo films for instance, many are nonsensical and rely simply on a beautiful woman in peril, walking around a cool location with cool lighting... and that's what I got with this film.

David Ungaro, who shot 2017's A Prayer Before Dawn, used Cooke Speed Panchro lenses on the Alexa.

Watched at Cineplex Odeon's Park & Tilford Cinemas - North Vancouver