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  • No Time for Comedy

    No Time for Comedy


    rating reflects successful emotional manipulation, despite its many flaws. what can i say, i’m weak for late 30s/early 40s grumpy-yet-tender jimmy that’s always some kind of journalist for some reason (he’s a playwright, but makes a point of mentioning he’s also an editor for his local newspaper). he’s great with russell. let him take the subway and eat chocolate mousse! 

    rosalind is a boss ass b*tch as per usual and genevieve tobin’s character could carry a spin-off horror movie of…

  • Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

    Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House


    the little head scratch cary gives myrna before handing her coffee in bed melted my heart. 

    shout out to HC potter because i don’t think i’ve disliked a single movie he’s made yet. this is my eighth film of his and the most recent! they’ve all been sweet and genuine and this one is no exception. it feels like a disney family movie at times, but i mean that in a nice way. 

    melvyn douglas really was trying me though 💀

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  • The Cabin in the Woods

    The Cabin in the Woods


    googled “collapsible coffee cup bong” as soon as it ended because i had to know

  • The Devil All the Time

    The Devil All the Time


    everybody in this sure is acting, but not in the same movie at the same time. joke’s on me for spending time on this stupid soulless garbage 🤡 almost 2.5 hours and FOR WHAT!!

    kinda wish this was the devil/possession horror movie i thought i was getting at the beginning (roommate and i went in blind, thought hitler was going to possess skarsgard through the gun LMAO). robert pattinson is not the next hot priest and he doesn’t perform any exorcisms.…