WALL·E ★★★

I've been looking forward to watching WALL·E for quite some time now, and after the disappointment of Blair Witch (2016) earlier I thought this would be the perfect antidote. I wasn't quite expecting the story of a stalking robot chasing a companion across the galaxy - nor the message that despite spurned advances if you persist enough it'll eventually pay off. But I guess because they're cute robots it's somehow not creepy?

I don't know - the first half of WALL·E, despite looking incredibly gorgeous, just didn't work for me. I much preferred the second half on the Axiom. Honestly, I cannot fault the animation in this film and I did find myself finally warming towards the main two characters during the final act, but I really struggled getting there. It didn't help that I found the robot voices to be very annoying. WALL·E is better than A Bug’s Life (1998), but I've preferred every other Pixar film thus far.

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