• The Gift

    The Gift


    Quite slow for a Sam Raimi movie, but it keeps you there, keeps you curious about what's coming next.

  • Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight

    Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight


    Quite an original concept but badly handled

  • Futureworld



    This movie bothers me.
    It took me 2 days to finish it.
    There are so many little nooks and crannies that could've spotted a better way to do a sequel to westworld and none of it was followed.

    Also Yul Brinner is 4th in the cast list, the list is not in order of appearence so it must be in order of character importance, no? The issue however, is that the Gunslinger character is of nearly no importance at all.…

  • Phantom of the Paradise

    Phantom of the Paradise


    It's ok, nothing close to a masterpiece in my opinion, but pretty solid

  • Westworld



    Not bad at all! I really enjoyed it
    Pretty fun movie, engaging enough.
    Gonna watch Futureworld next

  • The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

    The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It


    Not bad.
    But the first two were better.
    The first one's still the best.

  • Malevolent



    Could've been so much better.

  • Alone in the Dark

    Alone in the Dark


    These guys did The Purge before it was even a thing.
    The merchandising and advertising for this movie, milked A LOT around the character of Bleeder as he wore the hockey mask just because of Jason probably, but he was actually shown like that for barely 3 minutes in the whole movie, so that was kind of a bummer.

    The rest is a bit dull

  • Child's Play

    Child's Play


    Child's Play Marathon
    Entry #8

    Overall i think it's a good horror movie, definetly one of the best slasher movies of the last years. But they didn't respect the formula.

    I need to be honest here: to know that Chucky is basically a virus created by a suicidal pissed vietnamese worker, instead of a psychopath serial killer... It's a hell of a turn off.

    The defective machine who is able to learn stuff and eventually ends up killing people…

  • Cult of Chucky

    Cult of Chucky


    Child's Play Marathon
    Entry #7

    I don't think it's half bad! It's actually pretty good! The thing is, it's probably a lot crazier than you would expect it to be. Also feels pretty conclusive, i accept it enough as the final chapter of the old Child's Play franchise.

    Edit: i forgot to add that they fixed the "doll issue" of the previeous movie, now it's a lot more subtle.

  • Curse of Chucky

    Curse of Chucky


    Child's Play Marathon
    Entry #6

    This one's good! Hands down the best of the "..Of Chucky" saga, so far.
    Although i sensed for the whole movie as if the writers wanted desperately to reboot the character in some way, and maybe make a sequel only to the first one or two movies (kinda like they did with Halloween), but the studio didn't want that and desperately wanted to stick to the storyline established from the previeous movies.
    Kinda like if…

  • Seed of Chucky

    Seed of Chucky


    Child's Play Marathon
    Entry #5

    I think this is hands down the worst Chucky movie ever made. More of a comedy than it is a slasher horror movie.
    Laughable, really.

    Still enjoyed the chemistry between the doll characters, but why do i have the feeling that this one will leave some plotholes for how bad it is?