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  • Dead Voices

    Dead Voices

    Pretty standard stuff: nervous laugh, fake fight, sibling rivalry, interview the medium, throw out the medium, interview new medium, get medium drunk, seduce the medium, run into the woods, hear some weird shit, read a Satanic book, get drunk again, fight with medium, go back to the woods, hear more weird shit, realize medium has gaslit you, club medium with bat, medium goes batshit, footsteps fight in doorway, someone apparently wasn't dead all along, scarred "not really dead" guy kills other sister, makes a call, and lizard kills Spock.

    Honestly, there's nothing to see here. Move along.

  • The Funeral Home

    The Funeral Home

    Was someone supposed to muster a stump of sympathy for the manipulative bitchfest that was the daughter? Asking for some friends.

    Come to think of it, once I found out her mother was responsible for the father-in-law's death, my ability to care for any of them had been clubbed clean off. Such unlikable characters!!

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  • Honeydew


    This is bizzarely absurd and absurdly satisfying yet terrifying, kind of in the same quirky way the first time you ever hear Crash Test Dummies' "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" is. You watch a lot of it with your head tilted when you're not shaking it, and the story's trail does meander a bit here and there more than you'd like, but there's a tenuous sense of dread developed in a sly, slippery way, and in a way that stays with you. You will probably either love it or hate it, but I doubt you'll be forgetting it any time soon.

  • Intersect


    It's like they wanted to pull of some sort of "It" feeling, what with going back and exploring the origins of how all the kids met and formed lifelong friendships. It's the kind of writing Stephen King pulls off flawlessly, but these guys just succeeded in making a fragmented mess.

    I'd just gotten familiar with the framework story, then I was miffed that they tried the whole "back when they were kids" deal, and then by the time the framework…