Opera ★★★½

"He ties me up, touches me, makes me watch, but he never lets me see his face."

This should be the happiest moment of Betty's life. She's finally gotten her big break as the lead in an opera, and the whole world is offering her acclaim. But she's also being stalked by a killer who repeatedly abducts her, ties her up, and forces her to watch him murder those close to her. Who is this man? Why is he so intent on torturing Betty over and over?

Opera fluctuates between good and excellent. At worst it's still a solid Giallo. Stylish, dramatic, and bloody. But the best parts (usually involving eyes) are so tense and memorable that it's a shame that the entire movie doesn't stay at that level consistently.

Oh, and the ending made me reimagine The Sound of Music as a slasher and you can't tell me that is not a fantastic idea.

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