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  • Love Exposure
  • Me Him Her
  • Diamond Tongues
  • Lady Bird

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  • Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai


  • Flip Flappers


  • Untold: Malice at the Palace


  • Team America: World Police


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  • Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

    Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai


    The first two puberty syndromes were the most interesting and I liked some aspects about the story. However, at its heart, this is still a show about an average person short on personality existing in the orbit of beautiful girls who do all the work of carrying the show. So I wasn't too interested by the end, as it steamrolled its way too a bittersweet finale.

    But I still liked it. The art direction was quite good. As I said,…

  • Across Brooklyn Bridge

    Across Brooklyn Bridge


    Please watch this. Please understand what the 20th Century and its submission to car culture took from us. These bridges moved way more people in years closer to 1899 than they do closer to 2000. They forced us to adopt cars to live, gutted our beautiful and practical architecture, and left us to become the "necessary casualties" that make cars seem convenient. The cars' engines are greased with our blood.

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  • Child Bringing Bouquet to Woman

    Child Bringing Bouquet to Woman


    Nude women and children have been appearing in films since the beginning. Censoring them is against everything we've ever stood for!


  • Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6: Future

    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6: Future

    No payoff for any of the millions of questions raised during the previous five movies, and an incredibly blue balling resolution to the 02 kids tease in the first movie. The only things that get revealed are the identity of Hackmon and an undoing of a facet of the entire premise of the second half of the series. That facet hasn't been relevant since the fourth movie, but it was still a changed status quo.

    It even had the audacity…