Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★½

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Of course I also finally had to get ready for the soon-to-come new season of the classic series Twin Peaks and all that I had left to see was the film that succeeded the second season. And honestly... it's good. It's not necessarily deserving of all the booing and the negative reviews but I can very clearly see where they are coming from.

What mostly struck with the film was that it was more atmospheric and much heavier than the series. Much of the goofy comedy is left aside to make place for the tragic story of the last days of Laura Palmer and while this part of the story perfectly fits that typical hardcore surrealist Lynch-style, the main question I have with the substance of the story is: why? Why show this story that we basically knew by heart already? Admitted, the fact it is shown to us now is better than to have it purely imagined from the discussions about it in the series itself, but technically speaking nobody asked to see the other side of the story. But then again, it does heighten the palpability of this small-town universe. Many sequences, mostly the ones in the middle of the film where the sad decline of Palmer's persona is made horribly affecting through a lengthy club-sequence are without a doubt the highlights of the film. It is when we come closest to the horrible fate of the young girl and the reasons as to why it happened (cause the symbolism is truly on point in this film) when Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me truly excels the impact of it's, in comparison, more timid series companion.

Nonetheless, it still all fits together perfectly. The vibe of Twin Peaks is coherent throughout and while the existence of this film on its own might be slightly unnecessary, it's still a very worthwhile entry in the filmography of David Lynch.

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