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  • The Glass House

    The Glass House


    – Meryl Streep, that girl was not.
    – Who's Meryl Streep?
    – She's like Katie Holmes to our parents.

    honestamente, esas 3 estrellas no son porque la película en sí lo merezca, es un thriller básico dosmilero que a mí me funciona básicamente por el factor nostalgia que me trae ese cine que solía asentarse en la sección de terror de mi videoclub de la infancia (Video Eclipse, te extraño tanto) y que solía rentar junto con la película de…

  • Zootopia



    if Dreamworks movies were good.

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  • The Social Network

    The Social Network


    It’s a unique experience. Thrilling, important, incredibly entertaining, and just fucking great. Fuck it, I love it.

  • Breathe



    the best horror film of the year.
    who'd have known Laurent was such a talented director?
    The minimalism is present. Gorgeous shots, delicate and tender. Beautifully framed without being too obvious (I'm obsessed with that shot of the plane passing over Charlie's head). it feels real, but cool, but real.
    a La Vie d'Adéle wannabe turned into the house of terror. Melanie trolled the audience here. Playing with our minds and emotions, like our hearts were sex toys.
    Transfixing, ultra tense, perfectly acted (yes, Joséphine Japy!) So, so fun to watch, for better or for worse. It's gut-wrenching. Great.
    (perfect closing image, btw)