Leonora Anne Mint

Leonora Anne Mint


pacific northwest queer lady obsessed with movies.
traded my rose-colored shades for a wide lens.
black lives matter.

Favorite films

  • Harold and Maude
  • Uncle Yanco
  • Princess Cyd
  • Sunday In the Park With George

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  • Local Hero


  • Ma


  • Battleship

  • Hanna


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  • Gardenia's Natural Life

    Gardenia's Natural Life

    I made another short film! You can watch it here.

    This one is a light comedy, made with my family during quarantine. My mom & siblings are the stars! This was still an almost no-budget film, but thanks to some help from my dad, we had the use of better equipment this time, and spent more time overall making the film. It took a while to make, and of course given the state of the world right now we faced some…

  • Cluny Brown

    Cluny Brown


    Everyone deserves someone who'll tell them that pursuing their passions makes them more desirable, not less.

Recent reviews

  • Local Hero

    Local Hero


    Lovely, chill, easy to watch, and more than the sum of its parts as many folks have rightly noticed. That light tone made me wonder if this film was shrugging things off about capitalism and the environment, but ultimately I came away feeling like it was actually the opposite-- presenting the ideas gently to get the audience to think about them more. People throw unwarranted Ghibli comparisons around far too often, but this has an ethos and approach I suspect…

  • Ma


    Octavia Spencer is a great actor, taking advantage of a sadly rare opportunity to go off the rails... but Tate Taylor is a pretty bad director. Some wild & funky needle drops do not make up for all the wasted potential of this movie's flatly lit non-style and momentum-killing editing. The kind of movie where it's frustratingly easy to imagine a better (or even just more entertainingly trashy) version while watching.

Popular reviews

  • Coming Out

    Coming Out


    Was not expecting the official Godzilla Twitter account to post a 2-minute short film about stop-motion Godzilla accepting his trans daughter on the last day of Pride Month, but here we are. Godzilla said trans rights!! And I'm crying.

  • The Runaways

    The Runaways


    Does this movie linger somewhat perv-ily on the underage sexuality of its main characters? Probably so. Does it tone down and play for humor the influence of a man who in real life was a rapist and abuser? Definitely. Does it indulge in a host of tiresome biopic cliches? OH LORD does it ever.

    Did I enjoy it in spite of myself & all that bullshit because I'm super fucking gay and the Main Couple in this movie is Kristen Stewart at Peak Gayness and Dakota Fanning giving an Actually Good Performance? ...I think we all already know the answer to that question.