Cruella ★★★½


I kid, for the most part, as the latter definitely felt like Craig Gillespie remaking his previous movie. It has the narration, fourth-wall breakage, and the CONSTANT needle drops (more on that).

Regardless, Cruella is one of the better Disney live-action movies. The two Emmas, Emma Stone and Emma Thompson, are fantastic, as their rivalry sequences are fun to watch, and it's always a delight to see Paul Walter Hauser (who, funnily enough, also worked with Gillespie in I, Tonya). Joel Fry is also really good.

The other real stars of Cruella, are the flat-out gorgeous costume, production design, and Nicholas Britell's score (two musical bangers in one year). The costumes, and the 60's London punk era are well executed, while Britell's score is truly soaring and exceptional. It's a shame that the needle drops underscore his work.

Aside from the otherwise fun drops, the Anita character serves a point, but ultimately useless, as she only exists to prop up Cruella. Some of the VFX work is shockingly shoddy and awful, for a big movie like this, and the mid-credit scene should've been in the movie, before the credits.

Ultimately and lastly, I'll give Disney SLIGHT credit for going dark, with the material at times, and Cruella is a rockin' ride.

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