Black and white on purpose: 1970 - 2017 and beyond.

Movies where B&W cinematography is an aesthetic choice, after the industry standard was 100% color. Suggestions welcome!

I think I'm only going to do feature-length titles, because the B&W decision is so much easier to make in non-commercial contexts. Movies that alternate between black and white and color (to separate two narrative lines or for other reasons) aren't included, though sometimes it pains me. (8/30/2019: Right now, I am tentatively beginning to include films that are less than 100% B&W, but I haven't made a final decision yet and want to give it some in-depth thought some day when I have time.)

Some shorts, though:
Recess (Kiarostami, 1972)
Le Paysigiste/Mindscape (Jacques Drouin, 1976)
Une Generation (Philippe Grandrieux, 1982)
Umieranko/A Little…