Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★

Too Much Theory: the movie.

That "end of history" thing never happened, and that may just cut Carax feet off from under him... or it might be about people abandoning the material world to live in a purely mediated version of reality, which does in fact still seem like it's in the process of happening.

Whether they're ideas or "ideas," they're expressed in a late-Bunuel anthology-film framework that links random anecdotes to a central argument in unexpected ways. If nothing else, there was one gag, embedded in the graveyard episode, that was so sublime that I was grateful to have seen it. The rest... maybe it tries a little too hard to do the "etonnez-moi"... or maybe it tries exactly hard enough.

Curious to note how closely this resonates with the same year's Cosmopolis, in terms iof the question "where do the limousines go at night?"

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