Funny Games

Funny Games ★★★★½

"One for Beavis, one for Butt-Head."

Cold, malevolent, sadistic, vile - you name it, Funny Games embodies it. While not overtly graphic, this film stirred up a lot of those reactions from me & that is entirely it's goal - violence never has a happy ending.

What I loved on a technical level: the cinematography, especially the framing, is superb ‐ every shot is picture perfect. The colors are plain, ordinary & it creates an unnerving juxtaposition to what is occurring on screen. There's a static shot at the end of a grim scene that just hangs there, allowing the audience to process all the events that have transpired up to that point. Arno Frisch's stellar performance was believably callous & conniving, he completely sold the movie for me.

Without going into specific detail, Haneke recontextualizes the home-invasion thriller to play a game with your emotions & thoughts on unmotivated movie violence. I knew the premise only on a surface level. It was on sale, seemed interesting (& probably violent), so I purely bought the movie to "see what happens" & by the end, I questioned my own motivations. To evoke such a powerful thought is the magic of cinema - and the sign of an impactful social commentary.
Thanks for reading, I'm gonna go watch Toy Story 2 or something.✌🔪

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