Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★★

Viewing one of the Greatest Features of all-time in glorious 4K and excellent sound. Not all 4K transfers are worthy, so it’s nice to see a pristine presentation. 

Over the past year, I rewatched Indy 3,2,4 in that order. No one told me to wait for the 4K’s. Fortune and 4K kid, Fortune and 4K. 

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Raiders features the only time Indy conducts actual archeology when he digs for the location of the Ark in the sand and uses tools to map the location for the dig site. Every thing else Dr. Jones just kind of stumbles into. 

Now that this is a Disney property, I will be expecting a Katanga Spin-off about the coolest boat pirate of the 1930s. Followed by a spin-off simply titled “Forrestal” which as die-hard fans know is the archeologist Indy refers to who failed to get the Golden idol before Indy arrived at the start of the film and is found stabbed to death. The show will follow Forrestal before he makes that fateful trip. “I thought you wanted to go to South America? - We’ll get there” 

What’s great about Indiana Jones is that at its core, Lucas & Spielberg we’re making a homage to the 1930s/40s adventure serials. Their goal was to almost make a parody of the genre, hence the name. What resulted was the creation of one of the most recognizable characters in cinema history for all-time. They channeled what fueled their imagination as kids. That’s something I try to hold onto as a storyteller. 

I’m so excited for Indy 5, been waiting 13 years for Henry Jones true final adventure. What a treat it’s been for Harrison Ford to revisit all his legendary characters one last time in Star Wars, Blade Runner, and finally Indiana Jones. 

Checked out some episodes of “The Young Adventures of Indiana Jones” all I’ll say is that Vicky is Indy’s true love. If you know, you know.

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