Knives Out

Knives Out

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

First act is rock fucking solid, incredibly fun, well-directed, engaging stuff packed full of potential and forward momentum. Then the film reveals the answer half an hour in with... a flashback sequence. So we, the sleuthful audience presume that’s not the full story, and keep watching with our magnifying glasses at the ready. Surely they wouldn't just tell us the answer with a flashback, after all. But the film gives up being a whodunnit after that and we spend an hour with no mystery to follow whatsoever as the film goes on a detour of okay-ish crime thriller tension and the ugliest car chase ever put to digital, neglecting all the somewhat interesting suspects it took plenty of time to set up in the first bit. (Where is Riki Lindholme? That basedboy kid?) Something feels off about that. Then, in the third act... Daniel Craig tells you how it was all done with complete accuracy. Am I alone in thinking all the fun of whodunnits is following the trail of the hunt? That’s what you were doing in the first act and that was great, but then we’re thrown what could only be considered a distraction so that Daniel Craig can suddenly whoosh in and say “Ah, but it was a mystery film all along!” and throw us the answer in what may as well be flashback sequences considering they have all the set-up of your mate spoiling the film to you as you go in. Could anyone, anyone, in the audience have actually predicted the ending? Cause that’s what you want your puzzle to be. And while all the clues are there in place, the audience is left fully excluded from all of the fun of cracking the case alongside Craig. Instead, he’s this outside force who only steps in at the very end to tell you all the answers so you can go ooh that was clever. But it’s not? Because I’m not given the opportunity to feel like a fool for not having seen it coming. Because I was never given a seat at the table. The film built a wall around itself. 4/10

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