leafyleaf has written 7 reviews for films during 2021.

  • Whiplash


    Why did he go back thoughhhh

    He did it for the music

  • Jennifer's Body

    Jennifer's Body


    GAY Third wave ~hwhite~ feminist subversive masterpiece. 

    Also ~problematique~ There were so few poc in this movie *sigh. They either got spit on in the face or were dead by the end, v disappointing.

    Next time watch the extended cut

  • Fantastic Planet

    Fantastic Planet


    This movie is so iconic. I love the bizarre squiggly wormy creatures and the sounds they make

  • Jennifer's Body

    Jennifer's Body


    Subversive feminist masterpiece

  • Napoleon Dynamite

    Napoleon Dynamite


    This movie was not what I expected... in a good way. There are so many accurate representations of gross boys in this movie. Hm

  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    Intoxicating story of fame, authenticity and addiction. 
    Country/rock star Jack, stumbles into a drag bar and sees Ally perform. Like two musical planets entering each others orbit, they fall fast and hard. 

    Lady Gaga is AMAZING in this. Giving us raw talent realness in this killer soundtrack, Bradley cooper keeps up too, although I heard that he damaged his voice singing below his natural range, *WELP*

  • Brokeback Mountain

    Brokeback Mountain


    Slow-burning, epic love story.