Shatter Dead ★★★★

One thing I've learned about myself while immersed in the world of SOV is that I no longer really give a tin shit whether or not something is narratively coherent or how formally impressive it is or isn't if, at bottom, it makes emotional sense to me. Shatter Dead is better made than most at this level because Scooter McCrae is a thoughtful dude with a number of strong ideas and a visual sense that finds striking images whenever he can, but most importantly it exists on an emotional frequency that is consistent and understandable and carries the script through despite its frankly nonexistent plot structure. This is the end of the world rendered not as a great rending scream but a slumped sigh, humanity reduced to a car with a blown engine shuddering slowly to a halt. I should care that some of the performances are off and the shot framing could be tighter? Fuck that. We are not perfect beings. The key is to see how work with our imperfections. This is my jam.