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This review may contain spoilers.

Some thoughts: 

If you say the word twilight in a movie with R-Patz it’s obviously intentional... also if you talk backwards it’s obviously a twin peaks reference...

Tell my WHY R-Patz looks soooo fucking good in this movie !?! We don’t deserve him and his beauty 

Like I understand that I don’t really understand, but I also think I understand?

Randomly there’s a theatre close to me that is one of the seven in the country to show this on 70mm which is cool. I’ve never seen anything on film before so that was awesome 

First time being back in a theatre since early March, it was kinda weird but I really missed it

I keep trying to figure out if Andrei is like actually dead? Bc she shot him but it was like future her and future him I think?? So did past her get back to the boat and she was like where’s my husband? Or was past him still there? Or was it past him that she shot? Idk that’s one part where I was like wait what

Also noooo not Neillllllllll!!! 

Honestly I want another movie where it’s in the future and it shows the protagonist creating tenet and we can get more of the Neil friendship 

Brb gotta go book my tickets for tomorrow😳

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