Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

“it’s ultimately, for me, a film about forgiveness, but that people only get forgiveness if they admit wrongdoing.” – director Emerald Fennell

after going through some interviews with emerald and the cast i’m still uneasy about that ending but at the same time i don’t know how else it could have ended - which just makes it so powerful and poignant.

a crazy incredible script with so many fully flushed out characters, beautifully shot, a banger of a soundtrack and a stacked cast to the nines. and female driven behind and in front of the camera? it pretty much has it all. an extremely impressive directorial debut just wow. ms fennell is killing it. 

and with all that being said, everyone will have very different reactions towards this film because the handling of such heavy subject matter is quite obscure and it is all so completely valid. (i'm still not 100% on board with that ending)

watch how stars are blind is going to be my most played song on my 2021 spotify wrap up.

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