Tenet ★★★

Nolan is working at breakneck speed again here, perhaps faster than ever, and there’s so much exposition to take in that Tenet makes Inception look like a relatively simple, straightforward affair by comparison. This is also his most macho, relentlessly unrelenting film to date – and there’s so much reliance on the concept it means that everything else suffers (particularly the characters, despite the best efforts of the terrific Washington, Debicki et al).

There’s little pause for thought, and the director’s insistence upon you keeping up is ultimately wearying; for the most part it’s possible to do so on a first viewing, but it’s pretty hard to follow exactly what’s happening during the action sequences, especially in the blockbuster third act. There’s great spectacle here, for sure, but I think when 99% of your audience is probably going to be searching for the ‘Tenet explained’ videos afterwards, or planning a second or third viewing, then maybe something has gone awry?!

Also... it’s weirdly boat-y.

(.eno siht fo sekam namroN yrraB tahw tuo gnidnif ot drawrof gnikool m’I ,desrever neeb sah yportne taht woN)