Hour of the Wolf ★★★★½

Withdrawn artist Johan (Max Von Sydow) is haunted by trauma, living in a remote cabin, during the hour of the wolf he recounts his life to wife Alma (Liv Ullman) in Bergman’s take on the horror film.

Patient to reaching its climatic second act, snippets of unease are felt in the early throws of the film and whilst this could be read as slow, these moments are vital to the emotions felt when the film takes a shift in direction.

Bergman is masterful in the use of light and shadow and here it is used to tread a line between sorrow and unease, the films brightest scene set on a sun-soaked afternoon is also perhaps its darkest tonally.

Recollections are blurred with dreams and the film offers no easy answers. This is depression, artistic integrity and ability and the cross section where these meet- perhaps a more personal film than the upfront would lead you to believe.

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