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  • The Mystery of D.B. Cooper

    The Mystery of D.B. Cooper


    Really can't understand the obsession some documentaries have with recreating scenes. That kind of attitude projects the disdain and total lack of faith these directors have for their audience and their ability to discern meaning or human emotions. Among the other major problems of too many contemporary documentaries.

    While not infallible, I find comfort in returning to Kazuhiro Soda's "Ten Commandments" of Observational Filmmaking (born out of his own frustrations with this nonsense):

    1 No research.
    2 No meetings with…

  • Titane



    At face value, a film like Titane should be very much up my alley. Its principal concerns are alienation, the disruption and transformation of gender and familial roles, and sexual deviancy. The dance sequences were a highlight as well. Titane’s obsessions are precedented in films like Cronenberg’s Crash (1996), a personal favorite. While replicating the same preoccupations that fascinate me, Titane unfortunately eschews the greater societal foundations which make the allegory of body horror meaningful.

    The impetus for our protagonist’s…

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  • A Russian Youth

    A Russian Youth


    I am incredibly confused by this film’s intentions and no, that does not play into its favor. We are presented with a contemporary orchestra composing the soundtrack to a Russian WWI narrative, centered around a young soldier who is blinded (this happens early on). The narrative is incredibly painterly and has its own unique flourishes I did not anticipate yet lacks any true narrative cohesion to be anything more than a beautiful period piece. This film within the film also…

  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    Bleak. Schrader’s newest film demonstrates his maturation as both a writer and director, paralleling Taxi Driver thematically while branding itself as a unique picture and remaining equally representative of the tumultuous period of its inception. Truly great performances are given by all its cast which at first glance may appear lackluster, especially from Hawke as the Reverend Toller who is more compelling than Taxi Driver’s Travis Bickle. While both men are consumed by their destructive greater purpose, Bickle acts almost…