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  • Three Colors: Blue

    Three Colors: Blue


    #Watched with Cormac

    #Existential Musings Vol. 6.
    #Three Colors: Blue

    I often think about them in blue. I see them in my mind's eye not as they are but bathed in a blue light that shrouds all that is bad and rekindles the smile on their faces. The musical accompaniment: a faint opera score. I picture her smile on the roadside in the blue dawn. We stopped for a minute and my daughter walked away and I called out…

  • Satantango



    Béla Tarr is like a negative image in the photography of cinema. He is a filmmaker who neither guides, nor expects his audience to reconstruct the original. The origin therefore lies in the destination, and the process of getting there and imbuing it with meaning: in the audience. Or, more precisely, in the audience's perspective.

    Sátántangó is about the multiplicity of perspectives enmeshed in the negative of life. On the literal plane, Tarr uses perspective shifts to relate concrete occurrences…

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  • King and Country

    King and Country


    Mud rots and makes other things rot. It slinks into all things and sheds its tears of corruption. It pervades Nature, the Army, Habit, and Man's Soul.

    I. Mud: Nature

    The rain never lets up. It batters its slimy tentacles into the ground and penetrates the dirt-crusted stillness of the army camp. It breaks the monotonous roar of the far-off gunshots and settles into the silence; a purging messenger of death. Purging? It scrubs off the stain of the old…

  • Raffles



    Sam Wood, you have done better than this. Raffles is evidently not made with as much love as Goodbye Mr. Chips, nor does it let loose multiple slings of witticisms like The Devil and Miss Jones or A Night at the Opera. The story - about a jewel heist - should by all means be engaging but has no momentum. The film would desperately need some suspense; instead it lets the audience know who the thief is from the get-go…

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  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    Part 1: Fugere Non Possunt
    We Can’t Fly

    Her gown is on fire. The bonfire waxes its light over her face and she looks at her through the billowing smoke. The women around them are clapping and chanting fugere non possunt fugere non possunt fugere non…. They look at each other through the smoke. The embers dance in the haze and settle on her white gown. It is on fire. The smoke shifts as a gust of wind heralds the…

  • Love Crazy

    Love Crazy


    Director Jack Conway must have been your regular neighborhood guy. He's not one for subtlety, either in story-building or in language. His bluntness works in his favor though; his stories fall into the category of 'nonsensically cute' and his scripts repose quite on the suggestive end. Nah, forget it: his dialogues are straight-out sexual. They are not even double entendres or harmless allusions. I don't know how the guy got past the censors with lines like: 'if you come into…