The Astrologer

The Astrologer ★★★★★

One of the greatest acts of hubris-- and one of the greatest meditations on hubris-- ever put to film.

You really gotta be that big of an asshole to have the guts to make this sort of meta-tastic, head-up-its-ass-and-out-again mess. And you also gotta be all of that in order to look back and make something this critical and self-depreciating.

There's the movie-within-a-movie. There's the literal globe-trotting. There's the fact that the movie isn't JUST about astrology, but is about the debate between astrological philosophies and how the way YOU know astrology is WRONG. Yeesh.

The movie IS astrology, in that it's so intentionally vague and avoids the actual MOMENTS that would make everything clear and understandable while accentuating all of the little moments on the periphery. It's the way a fortune teller "reads" you and then applies all of that to the cards and their understanding of them, except Craig Denney's done that with the story he wants to tell. It's like he's reading his own astrological chart to us, disastrous alignments and all, without ever telling us what actually happens to get to this ending. And at the same time you feel he's trying to read YOU the person watching this thing.

It's all masterful bullshit-- the best sort of carny con made to rob you of your $5 and make you want to pay it again for more of the same.

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