Joel has written 5 reviews for films rated ★★ during 2016.

  • Ice Age: Collision Course

    Ice Age: Collision Course


    This movie could have been a 100 minute movie about the squirrel trying to get his acorn out in outer space(it's the best parts of the film) and it would have been a far superior film. What we get instead is another lazy addition to an already overplayed franchise(this is the fifth film in this franchise and it shows as they are really stretching for material here).
    It becomes painfully obvious early on this is a film just for children…

  • Alice Through the Looking Glass

    Alice Through the Looking Glass


    Alice Through The Looking Glass is the sequel to the 2010 Tim Burton Alice In Wonderland that nobody asked for and even though it's directed by James Bobin, it feels like more of the same. The CGI looks impressive at times and Mia Wasikowska makes for a good Alice(her character was the one to be most invested in), her storyline just feels odd as the story tries to cramp so many different story elements into one. I also enjoyed Sasha…

  • The Young Messiah

    The Young Messiah


    A film starring Sean Bean has no right to be this bad, but The Young Messiah is just not good. The story of Jesus in his angst childhood, the film deviates very far from the story material it is trying to cover(the Bible) and the story ends up being a story of people moving from place to place while being chased by the authority. Outside of Bean, most of the actors are just not that compelling and Bean feels more…

  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2


    A movie that feels like its twelve years too late, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 brings back the entire cast of the original (even if some of them are just there to enter scenes for a gag and then leave.Looking at you, Joey Fatone, John Stamos and Rob Riggle.) The movie seems to go from different comedy scenes with the wedding only loosely holding the film together for a good amount of the film. The storyline feels like just…

  • The Boss

    The Boss


    Melissa McCarthy is back playing basically the same character she plays in every film she's in (with 2014s St Vincent being the exception)-the over the top snarky bitch-that seems to work well when she works with Paul Feig(Bridesmaids, Spy) but fails to deliver in others. McCarthy has embraced this raunchiness to her characters, but often it feels more like a gimmick to bring some (forced) humor to a story that fails to be truly intriguing or funny. The Boss falls…