The Perfect Match

The Perfect Match ★½

The story of a man unwilling to keep a steady girlfriend meeting a girl that challenges his dating stance and turns his world upside down is so predictable. What makes the Perfect Match not even live up to the run of mill nature of the premise is how bogged down it is in all these side plots that don't add much to the overall premise of the film. The movie relies on the chemistry of the two leads(Cassie and Terrence J) and while the cast is good looking, they just don't have much chemistry. The rom part of the rom-com seems to connect more than the comedy as all the jokes just fall flat(and some feel oddly racist especially Joe Pantoliano trying to act black). Paula Patton feels like the only one really bringing a strong showing here, but her character just isn't utilized enough. Donald Faison is good in small doses but he's just not that great here.
Perfect Match is just a mess of a film and can't fully deliver on any aspect the film sets out to deliver on.

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