The Meddler

The Meddler ★★★

Susan Sarandon shines as Marnie Minervini, a mother who may be too interested in her daughter(Rose Byrne)'s life after her husband passes and from there it evolves it this slice of life story with a very charming lead that reminded me a lot of Hello, My Name Is Doris as the story depends on the charm of its lead(Sarandon and Fields respectfully) and it's where the film really shines. Sarandon shares good chemistry with Byrne, but Byrne's character is just not written to bring out the charisma she is known for in other roles and just comes off a tad bland here. As a result, Sarandon shares better chemistry with J.K. Simmons as a love interest, but that storyline progresses too slowly and the culmination of that relationship feels a little anticlimactic. In fact, many of the story lines seems to wind down to a whimper or disappear completely by story's end and while the Meddler was fun and funny at times, it just felt a little disjointed as a film overall.
A good vehicle for Sarandon that shows off her acting range(she hasn't lost her touch), brings some fun and emotion to a fairly predictable story(sure many have or can relate to the relationship Marnie and her daughter share), but may not be compelling enough for everyone.

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