The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman ★★★★½

The Greatest Showman is a musical that stars Hugh Jackman as PT Barnum, the creator of the circus, and infused with the music from those behind the music in La La Land and this movie is really enchanting. Is the movie light and fluffy? Sure. Does it stray away from the negativity of the circus as far as the mistreatment of animals? Sure, but that's not the story it wants to tell.
Jackman has the charisma in this role that just makes this film so enchanting. The music is fun, the choreography of the dance numbers is on point, the cinematography is so vibrant and lively.
Zack Efron gives one of his performances here and Zendaya works well with him and they have great chemistry together. Rebecca Ferguson is also a good addition as a legit singer that gives Barnum some notoriety but that storyline does take some focus off the main plot.
All the circus performances really work well in the film but it's Keala Settle as the Bearded Woman that really takes the focus and really brings home the theme of the film: Be who you no matter what anyone says. This theme is so important for today especially among the demographic that go and see films during the holiday: Families.
Sure, the film goes a tad light on the opposition and it seems like every obstacle is overcome fairly easily, Greatest Showman is just a delight with showstopping musical numbers and a good hearted story any audience member can attach to.

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