The Assistant

The Assistant ★★★

The dramatization of these real life situations of these high powered executives is definitely relevant in this #metoo movement time where living through and there is portions of this film that were shocking, heartbreaking and quite potent.
Helping all these moments strike their mark was the tremendous performance from Julia Gardner who was the driving force of most of this film as often she is the only person on screen or is working with a handful of actors that really don't add much to whats happening on screen.
The downfall of the story is how it was paced out throughout the film. There is so powerful moments sprinkled throughout but often the film slow pace (whether intentional or not) made the film seem like a chore to watch. There are some really tense moments that almost gave off a horror movie vibe in just how uncomfortable they were to watch(helping viewers realize just how powerless someone would feel in that position) and those definitely were poignant in conveying the theme of the film.
While not a bad film at all, The Assistant is a powerful and very important story to be told but it needed a tighter script to keep it as engaging as it needed to be.

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