Stonewall ★★

A "fish out of water" story of a young man(Jeremy Irvine) that gets caught up in the 1969 Stonewall Riots. The story that delivers more as a coming of age story and a man dealing with his sexuality, Stonewall makes for a poor portrayal of a pivotal event for the progression of the LGBT community. The film has tonal shifts all over the place, the drama feels forced at times while also non consequential in other scenes, the acting doesn't serve the story very well (and those who can act such as Ron Perlman have characters that feel too over the top-he's a villain and a cohort to the leads in the same film). The pivotal final scene lacks a lot of drama (and the final text crawl of the aftermath of the story totally eradicates any of the drama that did deliver.
A bland drama that did not support the potent story that it was trying to tell.

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