Step ★★★★½

The documentary of a step team from Baltimore in their senior year trying to win championship while also being the first graduating year to all go on to college all in the shadow of the death of Freddie Grey and the Baltimore riots.
Although the doc follows the entire squad, it mainly focuses on Blessin, leader of the squad whose dealing with failing grades and home troubles, Cori, the brains of the group trying to get accepted by John Hopkins and Tayla. The story is heartbreaking, uplifting and truly inspiring as it shows what these girls live through everyday and how much adversity they overcome to be who they become. Every victory they achieve and every goal they surpass allows the audience to feel apart of as we get to see every step they take to achieve their dreams.
The music in the film is so riveting and their performances are so dynamic that it kept me locked in every time they performed.
The true heart of the film however is those quiet moments when they reflect with family, when they receive those moments of joy as they are accepted to college and are able to elevate their life as a result.
This is one of the most captivating documentaries I've seen in the last few years and as a result one of the best. Check this out.