Room ★★★★★

The story of a mother-son locked away in a small shed for years and making a life for themselves and the story to try to free themselves, Room is such an intimate film told from the eyes of a five year old, which helped make the awful nature of the film tolerable and unique (with a great performance from Jacob Tremblay).
Brie Larson brings a strong performance to the role as well(An Oscar worthy one in my opinion) as she is able to bring strength and vulnerable to her character(often in the same scene) and she shares great chemistry with her son to make the story feel so real.
Having read the book before seeing the movie in theaters, the first half of the film feels rushed a bit, while the film lingers more on the aftermath where the narrative does slow down quite a bit. The film never loses the emotion it makes the audience feel and is such a powerful story told with such powerful performances and a unique story perspective(the best elements of the story is getting Jack's(Tremblay's) reactions to all his first experiences and his outlook on how he's perceiving the world).
A truly captivating story that I will be revisiting the next possible chance I can get.

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