Onward ★★★★

Onward was another great film for Pixar-despite it not quite being on par with some of the greats like Up, Incredibles etc- with such great animation, a charming story and a great cast (Tom Holland and Chris Pratt being so great in this working so well off each other) but what really got me was the theme throughout the entire film of brotherly love and how that relationship develops in the story is just pure magic.  
The aspect of the quest and the D&D vibes that encompass this film was just so much fun and while the film may have slowed down in moments in the middle, it still sticked the landed in a way that really made that relationship between the brothers feel special, gave that father story a good send-off and told such a heart warming story in the process. While not the greatest Pixar film, it’s still miles ahead of Monsters U and the Cars films as far as quality and a solid B overall in my book and gets a 4/5 for the year (and may stay at #1 for the year for awhile now thanks to whole lovely ordeal we’re all going through as a culture. Just hoping everyone is staying safe out there. 

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