Gretel & Hansel

Gretel & Hansel ★★★

This classic story of Hansel&Gretel told more from the standpoint that Gretel is the stronger of the duo and its her story with Hansel being the one having to rely on her which was definitely a strength of the film.
The amazing visuals and cinematography just made the fairy tale come to life in this unique dark way that really help bring out the horror and tension in all of the scenes.
The acting is also really good with Sophia Lillis (of IT fame) playing Gretel and really excelling in her as well as Alice Krige(Borg Queen from First Contact) being this foreboding force in appearance alone but also in creepy performance that isn't just a caricature but really has some depth to the character and also works well with Lillis. Samuel Leakey was annoying at times but he did well for being such a younger actor. It was also notable that these three actors were the only seen on screen for almost the entire running time and were so entertaining.
The story may not have went the places most would have wanted it to and the cult nature of the film may not be appreciated by all but I felt this was a strong story just built up by the unique visuals and great cast.

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