Fathers and Daughters

Fathers and Daughters ★★★

The story of a father dealing with a mental condition after the death of his wife and how his daughter must cope with how it affects her and how it changes who she will turn out to be. The performances from Russell Crowe and Amanda Seyfried are quite compelling(may be the best Seyfried performance to date as she gives a good layered dramatic performance) but it's the story that doesn't live up to what they're bringing to the table as they never act with each other in the film. The film is divided into two story lines that run parallel to each other. One taking place when Seyfried's character is growing up(Kylie Rogers playing her younger version) and dealing with the loss of her mother and her relationship with her father(Crowe) and the other storyline of Seyfried playing the adult version trying to have a normal life that involves a relationship with a man(Aaron Paul) while trying to deal with what her past with her father has done to her as a person.
The two storyline just don't really complement each other very well. It feels like two separate films in one being told and while both of the stories are interesting and have several poignant scenes that carry strong emotion that really get you pulled into the narrative, it just feel a little less compelling then it should be as several plot components don't really come together to until almost the end and then it feels like the story being told is a tad too dramatic for the aftermath of what happens in the story.
Fathers and Daughters is a touching story with strong performances but the stitching together of the narrative just felt a tad underwhelming and could have been more compelling if told in a more formulaic manner.

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