Cop Car

Cop Car ★★★

Cop Car follows the story of two kids(Hays Wellford and James Freedson Jackson) who find a cop car and go on a joy ride prompting a chase from a shifty cop(Kevin Bacon). The concept seems fun at first and the two children actors are great in their role. The concept just gets stretched out thin and makes for a poorly paced film with the most compelling action not coming till the climax. A small film leading up to the outlandish acting, the other aspect of the film that may detract viewers is Bacon's take on a crooked cop is not fully delved into as is many story elements that come out of nowhere in the film. The action we get is interesting, but the film feels more geared to be a short and not a full length film and suffers from poor pacing. Hopefully Watts great direction of young actors will help him in his SpiderMan film forthcoming but this film didn't get me overly excited for what he will do next.